What can I do for you?

I can code sites to excite your users


I hand-coded this website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I used the most up-to-date Bootstrap techniques for the layout. I managed version control through Github and am hosting the site with Github pages. I desiged with a simple, clean look in mind to emphasize my work, and provide an interface that is easy on the eyes.

I can create functional, visually appealing websites with Wordpress


I created this site as a way to specifically feature the PT aspects of my career. While I admit healthcare and technology are somewhat of an odd couple, these are the two things I love. I am currently working part-time as a PT, and seeking full-time or part-time tech work. I used Wordpress and Elementor, demonstrating my ability to work with common and quite powerful drag and drop builders. This site took me less than a few days to get up and running, and I look forward to adding more and more content.

I can create content that accentuates your brand

PT Party

This is a blog I created to document my journey through PT school, and beyond! It's a good display of my ability to work with Wordpress, create visually-appealing graphics, and convey my sense of humor.

Ocean Park Images

I'm a part-time professional, part-time hobbyist photographer. I love photography because it's a way for moments to become immortal, without using any Horcruxes.

I can provide graphic design to convey information and inspire joy

Boom Squad

I love to create designs representing all the things people are fans of. I just love the idea that you are creating art that will strike a chord on their heart strings. Please check out my work and feel free to submit a request for anything you love!

Brow Arc

As the director of marketing for a chain of salons, I spearheaded our online presence, including all social media, ad spend, analytics, and this website. The jumbotron background is a video that I produced with a talented team out of LA. I created this site with Squarespace, since other people needed to be able to maintain and update it. I worked on optimizing this site for SEO, specifically SEO for brick-and-mortar locations.

I can train and educate your customers and employees to have them embrace your product

Brow Arc

While working for the chain of salons, I trained our entire employee pool on our new POS system, taking them step-by-step through all the processes and guiding through troubleshooting. I left each employee with the confidence and skill to efficiently operate our system.

I can manage projects to make your life easier.

Brow Arc

As director of operations, I organized openings of 10+ salons, with 6-figure budgets and beautiful finishes. This involved collaborating with many different parties, ensuring timely completion of project deadlines. I enjoy fulfilling meaningful projects in efficient and low-stress ways.